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B.A. Trimmer

Halfway through a successful career in technical writing, marketing, and sales, along with having four beautiful children, B.A. Trimmer veered into fiction. Now residing in an old farmhouse, with a dozen cats living in the barn, B.A. has quickly found that the most enjoyable stories to write are fun romantic mysteries set in beautiful places around the world. We hope you enjoy them! 

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Aloha Lagoon Mysteries


Hula Homicide
Aloha Lagoon Mysteries #19

Kristy Piper finally achieved her lifelong dream of moving to paradise when she took a job in Hawaii as the Aloha Lagoon resort wedding planner on the gorgeous island of Kauai. Sun, surf, sandy beaches, and glowing brides...what could possibly go wrong?

Turns out, everything.

What starts out as a dream destination wedding, with a happy couple and their wedding party enjoying all that Aloha Lagoon has to offer, turns into a nightmare when one of the groomsmen is found dead just days before the ceremony. What's worse, Kristy's hot new photographer, Jake Hunter, was found next to the victim, along with the murder weapon, a souvenir tiki statue.

While Kristy is convinced Jake had nothing to do with the killing, the police are not as sure. Suddenly it's up to Kristy to clear the heartthrob's name and figure out which of the wedding party had it in for the dead guest. Is it the groomsman with a past? The twin bridesmaids with designs on deception? Or the anonymous thief who stole the bride's wealthy aunt's jewelry just before the murder? With the help of her bold middle-aged office manager Dorothy and her beautiful best friend Leilani, Kristy attempts to wade through the wedding party of suspects, all with complicated histories with the dead man. Can they find the real killer before the police close in on an innocent man...or will they die trying?

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Homicide Honeymoon
Aloha Lagoon Mysteries #22

As the wedding planner at the Aloha Lagoon resort in Hawaii, Kristy Piper has seen some strange parties...but bride Claire Jackson's wedding party may be the oddest yet! Between a man-hungry bridesmaid, an overbearing mother of the groom, and a feisty tween guest, Kristy has her hands full! But when Claire's former fiancé is found dead—murdered by a luau serving fork!—things go from strange to downright dangerous. To make matters worse, Claire is discovered next to the dead body, sobbing uncontrollably. Is it shock...or guilt?


The local homicide detective is sure Claire is to blame for the death. Luckily he works on "island time," which gives Kristy the opportunity to prove her latest bride-to-be is innocent. With the help of her longtime office manager, her best friend Leilani, and her dreamy new boyfriend, photographer Jake Hunter, Kristy takes it upon herself to wade through an entire wedding party full of suspects. Together, they’ll solve the murder and save the wedding...or die trying!

Coming June 18!

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